6 Creative Ways To Ask Your Partner To Marry You

Posted on Friday, May 18th, 2018 at 8:48 am by Joey

6 Creative Ways to Ask Your Partner to Marry You

Congratulations! Asking someone to marry you is a major step, and it’s an exciting time of your life right now. If you’re looking for a special, creative way to ask your favorite person to be with you until death do you part, then read this blog post for six unique ideas. Of course, you’ll need a ring before you ask! Skatell’s Jewelers has you covered for beautiful engagement rings in the Greenville area. Read our post, browse our products, and visit our store in Greenville so you really can have the perfect proposal.

At The Beach

Here in South Carolina, we’re blessed to not be too far from the beach. If you and your significant other love beach days filled with sun, sand, and the ocean, then why not have a truly unforgettable day at the beach? If she likes unique rings, then an aquamarine engagement ring may just be perfect for your romantic day at the beach.

While On Vacation

Do y’all have a trip planned to Paris — AKA the city of love? What about a trip across the country? No matter where you’re going, the trip will be one to remember if it’s when you propose to your sweetheart. The Eiffel Tower, Redwood National Park, Machu Picchu, or any other tourist destination would make the perfect backdrop for some Instagram-worthy engagement pictures. And even if you’re on vacation, your local jeweler can help you have some of your home with you.

Where You Had Your First Date

For a sentimental proposal, this will cut straight to the heart. Recreate part or all of your first date together, but this time with a gold and diamond engagement ring while you’re down on one knee. It’ll be special on all that you two have accomplished together since you had your very first date.

At Your Favorite Place

What’s your favorite hobby together? Whether it’s rock climbing, painting, playing games with friends, cooking, or even just watching movies together, involve your hobby in your proposal. For this classic but memorable proposal, a classic engagement ring should do the trick. After you propose while y’all are doing a hobby together, you’ll get to think of your proposal every time you do that hobby afterward.


With An Animal

Is your partner an animal lover? If so, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cuter proposal than a puppy with a beautiful engagement ring on its collar. She’ll get a dog for y’all to raise together and she’ll get to say yes to a life with you. If you’re not quite ready for a dog, though, don’t feel limited in your options. Propose with a cat, dolphin, goat, or any other animal you can think of!

On A Hike

If you two love hiking together, then this is a fantastic option. Relationships are full of highs and lows, just like mountains are. Embrace the symbolism and go for a mountaintop proposal! Whether you’re on the trail or at the summit on sunrise, on a casual day trail or on an intense out-and-back trail, this will be a picturesque proposal that proves you can do hard things together. And if you’re surrounded by green on the trail, why not opt for an emerald engagement ring to further symbolize the proposal?

There are plenty of other ideas for special proposals, but the best one will be the one you come up with that represents you and your partner’s personality and relationship. Whether you end up choosing a gold engagement ring, custom jewelry, platinum engagement ring, or more, Skatell’s Jewelers is a local jewelry store you can count on to support you for your big day. Shop online or visit us in Greenville today!