Anniversary Gifts By Year: High-End Jewelry & More

Posted on Wednesday, July 18th, 2018 at 5:09 pm by Joey


If you find yourself approaching another anniversary and aren’t quite sure what to get for your significant other, we’ve got you covered. Instead of reaching for your credit card as you hastily order flowers, a book, or a frame online, do a little research into traditional anniversary gifts by year.

Many of the gifts are high-end jewelry items, of course, but you can let your creativity fly! As you try to find a gift that matches the material of the year, you’ll be surprised at how many unique ideas you come up with. An added bonus? By sticking with traditional gift ideas — especially if both you and your partner do it together — you’ll add an even more romantic and meaningful touch to your anniversary gift.

1: Paper

Paper represents the new, fresh start the two of you are making together — the beginning of your own story. Gift a book, a journal, a map, artwork, or any other paper-related item.

5: Wood

Your relationship is strong, much like wood. A personalized cutting board, seeds to plant a tree, or reclaimed wood cabinetry might be the perfect way to say, “Wood you spend the rest of your life with me?”

10: Tin or Aluminum

As you settle into double digits, gift something involving tin or aluminum. Many teas, candles, and lotions come inside tin containers, seasoning kits are never out of season, cooking utensils are always useful, and who wouldn’t love a new trendy flask?

15: Crystal

Go ahead and get creative with natural crystal jewelry if you like that style or get some new crystal wine glasses. Or maybe a timepiece with a crystal face is just perfect for your partner of 15 years.

20: China

Have you been eyeing a fancy set of china for your home? Go ahead and get it for your 20th anniversary! Or, if you both love to travel, have some fun with the word and book a trip to travel through China.

25: Silver

High-end jewelry is full of silver — and really, what’s not to love? It’s a precious metal that’s durable and shiny. Opt for a silver watch or silver bangles, or explore silver necklaces to represent your long-lasting love.

30: Pearl

Pearl jewelry is sophisticated and elegant, and after 30 years of marriage you and your partner deserve it! Find high-end jewelry with mother of pearl, get a string of pearls, or a pair of pearl earrings.

35: Coral

Coral may seem like a difficult gift material at first, but get creative! Coral earrings, nautical-themed decor, or a trip to the Great Barrier Reef could make this anniversary one of your most memorable ones yet.

40: Ruby

Ruby represents love and passion, so what better gift for a marriage lasting 40 years? Gift ruby jewelry, some ruby-red roses, a case of red wine, or take a trip to a ruby mine!

45: Sapphire

Show your love with a sapphire and diamond ring, go on a trip to sapphire-blue waters, or give the gift of time for your timeless relationship when you choose a timepiece in sapphire blue.

50: Gold

You’ve made it to 50 years! You’re an inspiration. Gift a personalized gold necklace, gold diamond rings, or some new gold cufflinks.

55: Emerald

Emerald jewelry is elegant, full of mystery, and rich in color. It’s the perfect gift for your 55th wedding anniversary! Find an emerald ring that speaks to you or an emerald bracelet that will look right at home on your partner’s wrist.

60: Diamond

Whether you started off this journey with diamond wedding bands or untraditional wedding rings, now is the time to gift a diamond. Opt for a diamond banddiamond watches for each of you, or a new diamond wedding ring set. Your love has stood the test of time — much like a diamond does.

Whether you’re approaching your first anniversary or your 60th, Skatell’s Jewelers in Greenville is here for you. Visit our local jewelry store to shop for beautiful jewelry with the help of our staff or shop our high-end jewelry online. Either way, we’re sure you’ll have a wonderful gift for your anniversary this year when you shop our designer jewelry.