Diamond Buying Tips

Buying a diamond wedding band could be one of the most important purchases in one's life. The following tips may help make it easier to make this important purchase.

Diamond Weight & Size

Some people want to buy the biggest diamond possible. Is this always the right choice? We feel that it's always a matter of preference, but there are definitely some important aspects to consider.

The larger the diamond, for example, the higher your chances are of your diamond having more inclusions. Because the diamond is larger, the inclusions are likely more visible than they are on smaller diamonds. But most importantly, if the diamond cut isn't proportioned correctly, it won't return the maximum amount of light through the top of the diamond.

This illustrates that no matter how large the diamond, its cut and proportions determine how brilliant the diamond really is.

Diamond Color

Since diamond colors range from colorless to yellowish-brown, sometimes these colors can add warmth or depth to your diamond. Also, by mounting a non-colorless diamond in yellow gold, your designer can make the diamond appear colorless in some cases.

We are always happy to share our expertise about diamonds when it comes to diamond watches and diamond engagement rings for women. Please let us know how we can help you make a confident decision in your diamond purchase.

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